Blaze Pizza

About Us: Blaze Pizza uses interactive B.L.A.Z.E service to create custom artisanal pizzas at lightning fast speed for less than $9 each. Each Blaze Pizza restaurant makes its own dough from scratch to produce its signature light-as-air, crisp crust. Guests watch as each perfectly proofed dough ball is pressed into a generous 11-inch crust.

Next, Guests travel down the service line to create a G.R.E.A.T. signature pizza or design one of their own -- with over 40 artisanal toppings to choose from! Pizzas are "fast-fire'd" in a blazing-hot oven and ready in a scant 180 seconds! Blaze Pizza's menu also features signature salads, fresh lemonades, and house-made S'more Pies.

*Blaze Pizza is*: A fast, fun, and friendly work environment. A restaurant that does NOT have grease or a fryer. A casual themed uniform, jeans and t-shirt. Actively involved in the community and often helps by holding fundraisers.