Consolidated Containter Company

  • Memphis, TN, USA

CCC was built on the belief that American manufacturers needed more access to quality packaging and expertise at the national level. Our roots go all the way back to the earliest days of the plastics industry. But in the 1990s, we began assembling a coast-to-coast network of blow-molding facilities. For us, this was the opportunity to create a national leader in a fragmented industry.

To deliver more innovative, consumer-driven solutions, we developed our concept-to-shelf model. It started with our state-of-the-art Engineering and Development Center. Along the way, we also became pioneers in sustainability and were one of the world’s first to provide 100% recycled plastic bottles (excluding colorant). We’re continuing to push the boundaries in PCR usage and lightweight packaging. Our recent acquisition of two leading plastics recyclers enables us to recycle plastics back into resin – completely closing the product lifecycle loop.

With nearly 60 facilities, we’ve created one of the largest national footprints in our industry. But when you integrate so many different facilities together into one network, you also have to deal with varying capabilities and service levels. So, we’ve brought in senior operations executives and instituted a transformation program to raise every plant up to our “Always Made Right®” standards.

Today, we produce over 6 billion rigid plastic containers annually for products ranging from food and beverages … to household and auto chemicals. With the investment of Loews Corporation, we’re continuing to add capabilities, improve services, and pioneer new packaging solutions. We’re seeing rapid growth and change, but everything we do is based on our three-point commitment to always make it right. So, no matter what the standards may be in our industry, these are our standards. And they’re non-negotiable. We seek to stand by them in everything we say and do.