At Carvana, we sell cars, but we’re not salespeople. Since 2013, we’ve been making it our mission to change the way people buy cars. We saw a huge problem with how much it can suck to buy a car the traditional way, so we committed ourselves to tackling one of the largest, yet-to-be-disrupted markets in the world – the $1T per year U.S. car market (yes, that’s $Trillion with a “T”).

With the ability to search thousands of vehicles from our expansive inventory, to high-resolution 360° photographs of our vehicles’ interior and exterior, to real-time financing and the ability to complete contracts without visiting the back room of a dealership, we provide a seamless, online car buying experience for consumers that can be completed from their desktop or mobile device. All our vehicles are inspected and reconditioned based on our 150-point certification checklist and come with a 7-day return policy. We also operate our own logistics network to deliver cars to customers as soon as the next day, as well as offer customer pick-up at our state-of-the-art Car Vending Machine locations (yes, you read that right). By putting customer satisfaction at the core of our business, we’ve built a no-pressure, no-haggle online car buying experience that saves our customers time and money.

Our Customer Advocate Field Operations position is a unique combination of a few different things (kind of like a peanut butter and banana sandwich, strange sounding at first, but it just WORKS!)

First and foremost- you will be the face of Carvana. Literally. Since Carvana’s purchase process is entirely online, meeting you to receive their purchased vehicle will likely be the first time a customer has met a Carvana employee in person! We want each and every one of our customer experience to feel like a picture of a puppy chasing a butterfly, so your role in that will be critical. Did we also mention that you will be providing many of these experiences within the world's first coin-operated, full-automated car vending machine? Check it out here:

Secondly, you will drive a truck. No, not a semi-truck, but rather a kick-ass, customized single-car hauler! You do not need a commercial driver’s license but you do need to be willing to consistently post #TruckerLife related items on all social media platforms. This is the delivery aspect of getting the customer’s Carvana purchased vehicle directly to their doorstep, and you get to make that magic happen on a daily basis!

Thirdly, you will complete customer paperwork with auditor like accuracy. We will get you trained on this paperwork, and we’ll even aide you in achieving your lifelong dream of becoming a notary (woohoo!)  

Additionally, you can expect to keep the kind of detailed notes in our customer tracking system that would make George R. R. Martin blush, embrace your mistakes (you’ll inevitably have a few!), help identify what we have missed, and ultimately help us build a stronger company (every day.)