Meet Adam and Scott. The real brothers
behind Fresh Brothers.
   To us, Fresh isn’t just a name. Not to get too
serious here, but it’s key to who we are, and why
we’re different from your average pizza joint.
From our food, to our community involvement,
to how we think about things, we keep it fresh.
   Our sauce is packed with 100% fresh tomatoes,
not concentrate. Our mozzarella is all natural,
with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or fillers,
and no GMOs. We never fry anything. Our wings, our
bites, our tenders, even our fries are baked.
   We have a special section of our kitchen for
gluten-free foods. Our wing sauces are all gluten 
free, with zero trans fat and zero saturated fat.
   If you’re a vegan, you’ll be happy to know
we have soy-free, dairy-free cheese, not to
mention truly delicious vegan sausage. And
vegan tenders. Even vegan salad dressings.
   And we go way back. All the way to
Chi-Town. Brother Scott opened his first place,
Miller Pizza Company, at age 19. The Chicago
Post Tribune voted it South Chicago’s Best Pizza.
   To us, Fresh is everything.