• The Arc of Camden County
  • Berlin, NJ, USA
  • May 10, 2018
Part time Medical/Health Care

Job Description

Job Summary

Are you looking to make a difference in the lives of others? Imagine going to work every day knowing that you will help to improve the quality of another person's life; to make it richer and more satisfying for that individual.. If so, this is the PERFECT opportunity for YOU!

PT Fri- Sun 3p - 11p PT F-Sun 11- 8a


  • Previous Experience - None
  • Education – GED or High School Diploma.
  • Certifications – must have or be willing to obtain First Aid, CPR, DDD trainings etc., driver’s license.
  • Professional Licenses – CNA or Multi Skilled Technician Certification.
  • Additional Requirements – must be a flexible individual who has a basic knowledge of community living arrangements, integration and normalization.


  • The Residential Aide will be responsible for all duties as assigned by the Manager so that the residential facility will operate smoothly and provide the service recipients the opportunity for maximum growth.
  • The Residential Aide will be expected to be available for work during any shift the Manager assigns.
  • The Residential Aide will be responsible for maintaining accurate knowledge of residential procedures, shift responsibilities, operation manual, individual service recipient characteristics, and Personnel Policies and Procedures.

Physical Demands:

  • Standing/walking – Must be able to walk a minimum of 2 hours at a time while on outings and in the home or apartment program.
  • Lifting/carrying – Required to perform a 2 person lift. Must be able to lift objects weighing a minimum of 25 lbs.
  • Pushing/pulling – Frequent pushing and pulling of wheelchairs, hoyer lifts and stretchers. Must be able to push an individual in a wheelchair regardless of weight. Occasional pushing and pulling of furniture to clean.
  • Climbing – Must be able to climb a minimum of 15 stairs a number of times throughout the day. Must be able to climb stairs while carrying items such as laundry baskets and grocery bags and boxes.
  • Stooping/bending – Frequently required to bend and stoop to house clean, and lock wheelchairs down in vehicles. Bathing individuals may require that staff member stoop and bend for a minimum of 10 minutes a day per individual bathed.
  • Handling/grasping – Frequent handling and grasping is required throughout the day to complete consumer treatments, dispensing medication, bathing of individuals, housekeeping tasks and driving agency vehicles.
  • Kneeling – Frequent kneeling during housekeeping duties and while bathing individuals.
  • Reaching – Frequent reaching for objects at a height between the ankle and above the shoulders to place or remove items from shelves. Reaching is required when positioning an individual who requires total care or needs frequent repositioning to avoid skin breakdown.
  • Foot/hand controls – Required to drive the program vehicle and operate the hoyer and van lifts.
  • Pinching/fingering – Frequent pinching and fingering is required to dispense medication, complete paperwork, using a computer, complete medical treatments and complete activities of daily living for the individuals in the program.
  • Strength – Must have the ability to perform a 2 person lift on an individual. Must be able to operate and maneuver a hoyer lift. Must be able to frequently carry items weighing a minimum of 25 lbs.