Aero Mag DEN

  • 27510 East 75th Avenue, Denver, CO, United States

Aero Mag Denver is currently recruiting and hiring deicing technicians for the 2017-2018 winter operations season. Deicing technicians are responsible for: safely removing (and preventing the contamination of aircraft from) frost, snow and ice prior to dispatch; safely operating large vehicles in a confined area in close proximity to aircraft while dispatching fluid to remove and prevent contamination, strict adherence to all applicable FAA, Denver Airport Authority and Aero Mag rule, regulation and procedures. The position is seasonal part-time. Scheduling is flexible and depends upon the weather and your availability. Training is paid and will consist of approximately 16 hours of classrooms courses and up to an additional 32 hours of practical training (hands on). You will be a part of a large team - operating in coordinated and controlled environment to safely dispatch aircraft in inclement weather. You will learn the theory, rules, regulations and procedures of deicing as well as how to operate complex vehicles and fluid dispersion techniques. Our job is safety - and every part of your training will focus on this. If this sounds like your kind of winter fun, then give us a call at 303-968-0031 or email