DispatchTrack is a leader in last-mile, cloud-based TMS with a focus in planning, route optimization, dispatch, mobile and compliance. We are pioneering major shifts in the last-mile, outbound delivery space in user-experience (UX), machine learning, analytics, event management and geospatial technology.

DispatchTrack has been experiencing rapid growth over the past three years and the SDR function is a crucial part of our ability to scale the business. The company currently enjoys a 60% market share in the B2C last-mile cloud-based logistics space in omni-channel home delivery of appliances, furniture and mattress. That specific industry vertical represents less than 1% of the TAM (total addressable market) in B2C and B2B last-mile within private fleets in the US and Canada. The company is now poised to aggressively pursue the other 99% of the attainable market.

DispatchTrack was founded 6 years ago in San Jose, CA and is the leading provider of Transportation Software as a Service (tSaaS). The company and has doubled its subscription revenue each year for the past three years. Last year, retailers and logistics providers executed over 26M mobile delivery transactions using our mobile application. The company currently routes over 10,000 trucks daily in the cloud. The company is on a trajectory to double its recurring revenue in 2018 and is rapidly expanding into last-mile B2B through its new East Coast sales office based in Columbia, Maryland. The company is laser-focused on exceeding 50% market penetration into its targeted verticals.