Green Eggs Café is a brunch-style restaurant that takes pride in serving the highest quality fare, while maintaining an eco-conscious philosophy. 

We value people, and sustaining life on this planet. We’re unlike conventional restaurants because we have a commitment to doing our part for the environment. We’re dedicated to serving high quality food at a low cost to our patrons. We participate in buying fresh products locally, which support merchants in the area — and in turn, so do you.

Every Green Eggs Cafe location recycles aluminum, glass, plastics, and all paper products. The food and organic waste is composted, and also not put to waste. We prohibit the use of all styrofoam products and plastic bottled beverages. All take-out containers are biodegradable and are made from corn, plant materials, and sugar (which look like plastic, but we assure you are not). By dining at this establishment, you are contributing to a minimal waste environment. Although you will not find any green eggs and ham on our menu, you will find a serving of eco- friendly fare every time you dine with us.