The Power Company

The Power Company is a professional energy consulting firm whose mission is to reduce our clients'‚Äč energy expenses. We offer a free service to our clients, helping them feel confident while locking in the lowest electric and gas rates in an ever changing energy market.

Operating in all deregulated states, we have built long standing relationships with over 40 of the nations top energy suppliers, when our suppliers compete, you win. Our team has over 6 decades of combined experience in both the energy and financial markets, giving us the unique ability to understand complicated market conditions and numerous variables impacting the markets, giving us the resources necessary to procure energy at the best prices. As importantly, we protect our clients from market fluctuations and price increases, providing budget certainty for both commercial and residential clients.

Our partner company, E3 Energy Efficiency Experts, creates comprehensive energy savings solutions through the implementation of energy reduction services. E3 performs comprehensive energy audits, then uses that data to build and implement customized energy savings solutions. We have the ability improve the efficiency of all major building systems, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems. E3 can also improve on business efficiency, whether that is something as simple as moving a door to facilitate better customer flow or something as extensive as a complete renovation of a warehouse.

We at The Power Company and E3 Energy Efficiency Experts look forward to helping you and your business reduce your energy expenditures.