Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant

  • Bureau of Prisons
  • FCI Fort Dix, Fort Dix, NJ, USA
  • Feb 11, 2019
Full time Medical/Health Care

Job Description

Incumbent serves as an Advanced Practice Nurse/Physician Assistant in a Federal Bureau of Prisons correctional facility and is responsible for providing primary health care for federal inmates. The scope of duties are regulated by the state in which licensed and are defined in his/her privileging statement. The incumbent functions in an advanced nursing practice/Physician Assistant role after demonstrating appropriate educational preparation and/or certification.


Primary health care will include comprehensive assessment and management of uncomplicated acute and stable chronic health problems. Emphasis will be placed on patient education, patient counseling, continuity of care, health promotion and maintenance, disease prevention and management. Patient management decisions will be made in collaboration with physicians and established clinical guidelines.

Manages the daily operation of the outpatient/inpatient departments and conducts daily sick call.

Performs comprehensive physical and psycho social assessment including health maintenance screening and risk evaluation.

Identifies behaviors and environmental factors affecting health/illness. Encourages lifestyles that maintain and support wellness through patient education and counseling, and assists patients in becoming active participants in personal health.

Implements intervention through patient education, counseling, and delegated medical tasks. Must utilize appropriate materials and strategies to provide health education.

Secures a health and developmental history from the patient, records findings, and makes critical evaluations. Provides current entries for maintenance of medical records.

Serves as the primary provider for routine requests for evaluation of new complaints, for routine recurring visits for chronic illnesses, and emergencies when clinically indicated.

Prescribes medications and treatment for illnesses. Must be able to discriminate between normal and abnormal findings to recognize early stages of serious physical, emotional, or mental problems.

Is responsible for the proper interpretations of prescriptions and the dispensing of products as prescribed. Prior to dispensing, the incumbent must recognize any common synergistic, antagonistic, and cumulative effects.

Provides a wide range of emergency services including primary care for trauma and life saving procedures.

Candidates may be eligible for a variety of recruitment incentives including sign on bonus,  student loan repayment, and matching salary.

For more information contact Christine Barton, RN, Health Services Recruiter ( or Travis Haczynski, Health Services Administrator (